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Our ISO 9001 certified delivery process follows five key phases and is readily adapted to our clients needs.

Our VGTR process

Video Games Tax Relief claims are sometimes seen as a simple matter of passing a cultural test, however this is just one stage of a process that requires expertise in order to benefit from the relief. Our process is tried and tested allowing us to carry out all the work required for a successful VGTR submission to both the BFI and HMRC while you do what you do best - making video games

How do you charge?

Because each video games studio is different and the size of games varies a great deal between small and large studios, we offer fee rates, typically contingent, that we feel make sense.

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How long does the process take?

We do our best to take as little time as possible. We have been making claims for our clients since the scheme began and use this experience to minimise your time input and fit in with your business demands. We can do our work in as little as 4 weeks (so long as you are as motivated as we are). The rest of the time will be taken by the BFI, HMRC and perhaps your accountants who often need some help submitting revised tax computations, expeically if you have not claimed before.

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How much work do we need to do?

We actually do all the heavy lifting, but we do require raw information from you and we will need some of your time to answer questions. Let MMP take the strain of the claim!

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